Busi Hacks

A Hackathon connecting passions for technology and business.
Friday, August 20 at 7 pm PST - Sunday August 22 till 12 pm PST

What is Busi Hacks?

BusiHacks is a two day hackathon that aims to inspire students in high school and college to seek careers and learn about the intersection of business and technology. Join us for a fun weekend of networking, workshops, and prototyping! Enhance your knowledge in business AND tech at the same time.

The Team

Advithi Kethidi Co-Executive Director

Jaya Ravi Co-Executive Director

Ella Cereno Financial Director

Anumita Basani Event Director

Soham Ahbajay Event Director

Simi Patel Social Media Manager

Melissa Chan Marketing Director

Anagha Dogiparthi Webmaster


All times are in PST

Friday, August 20

7:00 PM Opening Ceremony
7:30 PM Keynote Speaker
8:00 PM Networking Session/Team Formation
9:00 PM Coding Begins!
9:30 PM Workshop #1

Saturday, August 21

8:00 AM Coding Challenge Begins
9:00 AM Workshop #2
10:30 AM College Speaker Panel
11:30 AM Workshop #3
12:45 PM Workshop #4
2:00 PM Career Speaker Panel
3:00 PM Pitch Compeition
5:00 PM Workshop #5
7:00 PM Workshop #6
12:00 AM Coding Challenge Ends

Sunday, August 22

9:00 AM Apps are due
9:20 AM Judging Begins
9:30 AM Best Joke Competition
11:30 AM Closing Ceremony



Conner Tollefson

Galicia Gordon

Ajay Vijayanand

Faqi Ahmad


What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is an event that typically ranges around 24-48 hours for students to collaborate on creating a solution (could be an app, game, or website!) and showing a demo for the chance to win prizes!

Is experience required?

No experience is required at all! BusiHacks is completely beginner friendly! We will have workshops on different computer science topics and give you ALL the knowledge you need so you can show off your amazing coding skills for your app!

Do I need to have a team?

You can either choose to fly solo or can get in a team of up to 5 members. If you don't have a team but would like to be in one, we will have a team formation session during our Networking session for you to find the team of your dreams!

Who can participate?

Anyone that is a student in highschool or college can participate. (Incoming freshmen for either highschool or college count too!)

What do I need in order to prepare for the hackathon?

A laptop or computer of some kind, good internet service, and a fluffy blanket (optional) to keep you cozy while you code or watch our amazing workshops.

Where can I contact?

You can contact us here: info@busihacks.com

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